June 10, 2019

Whenever we start learning new things, there’s often way too much to cover. For me, I think this was most pronounced when I started software engineering as a recent college grad. With almost no prior industry experience, I was trying to understand the product, how our systems fit together, our tech stack, and coding best practices. It’s actually quite easy to forget how much surface area you get exposed to. ...

Automatic Blog Deploys

June 6, 2019

One of the first things I’ve been figuring out with this blog is how to schedule my posts. Because Hugo is a static site generator, you need to build and deploy the site at the time that you want to publish a post. This is easy to do—we need (1) a recurring trigger and (2) that trigger needs to build and deploy the site. We’ll actually work through this backwards. ...

Setting Up a Blog

June 2, 2019

Hello World! In this first post, I’ll get into how this blog is being hosted. I’m using Hugo, Bitbucket, and Netlify. Comparisons Framework I wanted something easy, useable for programmers, flexible, and cheap. I’ve used Jekyll, mainly via the Yext Engineering Blog. Jekyll was a little annoying for me, and I wanted to try something new. For example, Jekyll draft posts are placed in a _drafts folder, then moved to the _posts folder once you’re ready to publish. ...